Our letterbox tells us we’re doing something good.


Kokonga Herefords, situated in the Waikaretu Valley on the Waikato West Coast, farms 3500 ewes, split into two mobs for breeding purposes. 1200 of the older ewes are mated in early February to Terminal Sires: the 2 tooths and mixed age are mated early March to Piquet Hill Romneys. 700 ewe hoggets are put to the Terminal Sires in April. Lambing is around 135%. All lambs are killed for Countdown at an average of 18kgs. Our first pick is in early November with the bulk of lambs being killed by the end of February. In 2012 Kokonga won the Countdown Fresh Merchandising Excellence Award for Farm Supplier of the Year.

Kokonga Herefords wish to thank the team at Piquet Hill for their high quality rams that allow us to produce top product.

1. Bruce Robinson, Kokonga Herefords, Waikaretu Valley

“I have used Piquet Hill rams for the past 25 years, successfully protecting my farm from the ravages of Facial Eczema as well as lifting my production dramatically. Piquet Hill rams are hardy, noted for their outstanding feet and have always done well on our steep, hard country.”

2. Rory Sherlock, Waingaro

“We have used FE tolerant Piquet Hill Sires for many years with outstanding results. Consistently lambing 155% on hill country with lambs going off at 19kg+ in January/February”.

3. Bill Garland, Maungatautari

4. Wayne Hill, Manager, Maraekowhai Station, Taumarunui

“Maraekowhai Station has historically had a lambing percentage of around 100% but with Piquet Hill genetics for 10 years we are not getting 140% and still rising. Selling 27,000 lambs this year, mainly finished and all gone by February/March.”

5. Peter McLaughlin, Panetapu, King Country

“We have used Piquet Hill rams for over 30 years. High performance sires have dramatically increased our returns and while farmers in our area have been devastated by Facial Eczema we have remained free of Facial Eczema.”

6. Richard Sisam, Sisam & Sons Ltd, Whakatane

“We have used Piquet Hill rams for over 15 years, reducing Facial Eczema and increasing overall production, and particularly our lambing percentage, which is continuing to rise and including hogget’s is now over 140%. Historically, this is a bad area for Facial Eczema.”

7. Jeremy & Patrick Murphy, Maikaika Station, Tolaga Bay

“Piquet Hill rams have been used here for many years, reducing a bad Facial Eczema problem to virtually nil and increasing our overall production, particularly our lambing percentage and survival rate.”

8. Richard Scholefield - Whangara Farms, Gisborne

Genetics is one thing farmers have 100% control over.We use Piquet Hill's because they are progressive, commercially minded and their rams are some of the most FE tolerant in the country.

Piquet Hill Farms Ltd, Te Akau