Hill country breeding is an important end result in our breeding programme.


Production recording

Hardiness / Soundness

Piquet Hill Stud is a strong supporter of performance recording and selection for structural soundness. The stud was a member of the original Romney Development Group, screening more than 100,000 ewes for performance. In recent years there has been a strong emphasis on Facial Eczema testing and delivering structural soundness to the sheep we breed. For 40 years Piquet Hill has operated its recording through Sheeplan, Animalplan, and SIL.

Many ram buyers comment positively on the longevity and hardiness of Piquet Hill Rams. Selection for soundness, over 40 years of breeding on hill country is an important end result in our breeding programme, all rams are guaranteed for the first season against failure.

Brucella Ovis

Easy Care / Hardiness

Piquet Hill Stud is an accredited flock.

Sheep Performance

Lifting lambing percentage from 100% to 150% and from 160%–170% is now quite achievable, and we have seen hogget mating achieving 100% plus lambing. These dramatic gains all come from proven technology.

Better commodity prices and higher production in sheep have also seen some outstanding financial gains in the sheep sector over recent years. With more sophisticated farm management systems and the tools of cross breeding, farmers still have opportunities that haven’t previously been available. The benchmark of 150% lambing on average hill country is quite achievable today using existing technology and genetics.

Piquet Hill Stud is run under absolutely natural conditions at commercial stocking rates. Rams come forward for sale in natural condition. We have noticed over the years with our Facial Eczema testing programme, that there is a dramatic reduction in grass staggers – so grass staggers appears to have a strong correlation with FE tolerance.

The Stud is now testing the sires selected for the FE programme to be also tested for worm resistance, which we will now build into the FE tolerance programme. The worm resistance testing so far is very encouraging.

Piquet Hill Farms Ltd, Te Akau